Leak Proof Custom Shaped Stand Up Spout Pouch Bag for Beverage Packaging

Pouch Style: spout pouch
Material: PET/PE or customized
Accessory: spout
Size: 8oz (to be customized)
Target Use: coffee,tea
Printing: custom design
Features: custom shape,resealable
MOQ: 5,000 PCS



  • Spout Pouch Bags are those which are mounted with spouts. These types for retort processing are used for liquid diet and enteral feeding products. 

    Aluminum foil is heat-sealed over the nozzle after high-temperature sterilization to guarantee proper sealing. 

  • To assure our clients' marketing needs, Spout Pouch Bag also can be custom shaped and printed in various ways. To assure the shelf time and quality of the target commodity in the Spout Pouch Bag, we use high barrier, food grade packaging materials. Spout pouch bags are allowed to stand up on the shelf for display purpose with gusseted bottom design.
  • To satisfy our clients' different needs for printing, we offer various printing techniques and styles. You may choose direct printing, digital printing and others for printing technique; matte finish, spot glossy with matte and others for printing styles. Every bag is customized based on our clients' preference..


  • Beverage (juice, yogurt, water, energy drink, infant drink and etc) 
  • Other different industries


STYLE Spout Pouch / Fitment Pouch
APPLICABLE POUCHES ·3-Side-Seal Flat Pouch
·Stand Up Pouch
MATERIAL According to the target use, target market and customers’ inclinations and needs, BPS is capable of designing material structures that best suit your demand.
*The material structure will be carefully designed to make sure the spout pouches are reliable and safe for packaging liquid products.
SIZE To be fully customized
If you don’t know the size, let BPS help you.
ACCESSORY Reusable Spout (available in various sizes, styles and colors to meet different packaging needs)
ADDITIONAL FEATURES ·The shape of pouch can be customized to form a unique shape of packaging.
·Clear window / frosted window / matte finish with glossy clear window
·Customized shape
PRINTING Rotogravure printing up to 10 colors using food-grade inks in compliance with international industry requirements
·Glossy finish
·Matte finish
·Matte finish with spot glossy


BPS provides fully customizes packaging solutions that best suit your packaging needs.
A glimpse of customized cases for your reference.