Custom Size Pet Food Stand Up Pouch , Laminated Resealable Doypack Bag

Pouch Style: stand up pouch
Material: PET/LLDPE or custom
Size: customized
Print: up to 10 colors, Glossy / Matte / Metallic Finish
MOQ: 5,000 PCS



  • Pet Food Pouches are flexible bags to protect pet food from air, light, moistyre and odor. To guarantee these features, Pet Food Pouches are laminated with materials have high barrier charicter, such as aluminum, VMPET, PET and etc.  
  • Pet Food Bags can be customized into different pouch styles, including stand up pouches, flat pouches, side gusseted pouches and flat bottom pouches. Meanwhile, to make sure our Pet Food Bags both are a shield to protect pet food and an advertising tool for your brand, we offer various printing styles. You could custom print your pouches in matte finish, matte finish with spot glossy, silver printing, gold printing and elegant digital printing.
  • To make your pouches more customer friendly, we provide high quality resealable zipper and personalized window to make your customers have easy access to the pet food inside the pouches.
  • Pet food industry is very competitive since pet food is limited to each animal's very specific dietary needs. That is why you will have to turn your packaging into your advertisement. BPS will create a Pet Food Pouch for you to generate sales that would put any wide-scale ad campaign to shame.


  • Pet Food
  • Other industry uses


STYLE Stand Up Pouch / Self-standing Pouch
MATERIAL ·Various laminated material options:
Transparent poly, kraft paper, aluminum, metalized foil, *recyclable, *compostable / biodegradable materials
According to the target use, target market and customers’ inclinations and needs, BPS is capable of designing material structures that best suit your demand.
SIZE To be fully customized
If you don’t know the size, let BPS help you.
ACCESSORY ·Resealable zipper
·One-way degassing valve
BOTTOM SEALS ·K Bottom Seal: angled bottom corner seal
·Doyen Seal: rounded bottom seal
·Rounded corners
·Hang holes / Die-cut handles
·Clear window / frosted window / matte finish with glossy clear window
·Customized shape
PRINTING Rotogravure printing up to 10 colors using food-grade inks in compliance with international industry requirements
·Glossy finish
·Matte finish
·Matte finish with spot glossy
* Digital printing: No MOQ / No Cylinder Charges / No Color Limit


BPS provides fully customizes packaging solutions that best suit your packaging needs.
A glimpse of customized cases for your reference.